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Vario 30 Safety Pallet gate System of the Guillotine type

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Safety pallet gate system Vario 30

Since 1981 Haagh Protection offers various solutions for securing mezzanine floors at height for placing loads and pallets.

The new type of guillotine-device Vario 30 provides the optimal solution for set-up conditions at a pallet location with a limited space. This problem occurs when there is insufficient space for a normal, pivoting safety pallet gate or when a lateral displacement of the load occurs.

With the recent improvements we made a better stability and used stronger materials and new features, such as a retractable kickplate so that more amount of the load itself can be placed on the floor.

We can also provide tailor-made solutions with this type of equipment and there is even a version available for the Vario 30 with a retractable backfence so we can exploite extra space at the plug point. Based on the concept of the guillotine, Haagh Protection also realizes solutions in areas with limited height and depth is available for the loads. Customization is perfectly possible!

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Weight 140 kg
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Width safety gate

1600mm, 2000mm, 2400mm, 3000mm