Platforms of transshipment represent a serious risk area, especially when trucks load/unload and an unscheduled vehicle movement could end into serious and even fatal accidents.

  • Our products have the advantage of being able to easily adapt to your existing systems, while ensuring the highest level of security.
  • Thanks to key transfer, these loading/unloading operations will only be performed if all predefined security steps to fix the trailer have been respected.

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Haagh Protection has developed a system to ensure the safety of goods loading operations.

The new truck shoe, based on the key transfer principle, guarantees that the vehicle is completely immobilised for the duration of the operation. The system was developed in compliance with INRS brochure ED 6059 and according to CRAM (French regional health insurance fund) recommendations. It can be easily integrated into existing facilities.

Thanks to the key transfer principle, loading is only possible if forklift operators and/or drivers follow a predetermined safety procedure to immobilise the trailer. Forklift operators must follow this process before they can open the dock doors and/or operate the dock leveller to load or unload the cargo. The truck shoe is easy to use and requires no upkeep or maintenance costs. It is suitable for all vehicle types, from rigids to semi-trailers, and for all wheel diameters.

The system comprises a truck shoe and a 4m long metal plate fixed to the ground. It is also possible to interlock the shoe with the dock doors.

When loading the truck, the shoe is placed against the tyre and the lever is operated. After the shoe is hooked into the ground plate, pressure is applied to the wheel/shoe/ground plate system. Once there is sufficient pressure, the key is released from the shoe and the system is locked.

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Weight 50 kg