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Haagh Protection has been able to offer a good price for all versions and variants of its VARIOGATE® range for many years.

With these VARIOGATE safety pallet gate systems Haagh Protection is not necessarily the cheapest supplier on the market. The aim is to be the best quality provider in the market when it comes to safety, strength and durability.


A goal in which they constantly try to improve themselves. A good example is the recent completion of the TÜV inspection programme for the VARIOGATE®-26.

The design makes sure that this device can withstand very large forces. These forces are thoroughly checked with extensive strength calculations. In these calculations, the strength of all connections and tubes in various sizes was calculated. Sometimes some technical improvements are desirable, which were immediately implemented in the final design of the product. Paperwork (of the strength calculation) is patient and theory is sometimes different from practice.


The results of the strength calculation are therefore assessed on value with a physical, destructive investigation by means of a glass bead test:

An impact test is performed on the apparatus by means of a bag filled with glass beads. In total, the bag weighs 25 kg. Next, the bag is suspended in such a way that it has a drop height of 1 metre. The bag is directed towards the potentially weakest part of the device, the centre of the front of the device.








The device may deform slightly during the test, however, all connections must come out of the test whole and undamaged! The test is carried out under the supervision of an auditor from TÜV-Nord. After approval and an additional check of the strength calculation on the apparatus, the auditor will issue the official TÜV testcertificate at product level.

The video of the test shows that the VARIOGATE® passes this test easily:



With the purchase of a VARIOGATE®, the customer can rest assured that he is acquiring a product of the highest quality level, which is guaranteed to do what it’s meant to do: provide safety for your employees.

With the purchase of a VARIOGATE®, companies get a product with the best price/quality ratio available on the European market.


Haagh Protection has marketed the Variogate-180 for several years.

A Variogate is used to secure access points in higher levels. The Variogate-180 is a safety pallet gate where two sets of barriers are linked together. This is done in a way that moving one set of barriers automatically causes the other set to move in the opposite direction. This creates a safe zone through which goods can be transported. The risk of falling down is reduced to zero in that way.

A disadvantage of such a device is that a larger width of the device also requires a larger available height! After all, the greater width also rotates upwards during movement.
By means of a recent innovative solution, we now offer devices of which the barrier automatically retracts partially during the upward movement. This requires less space in height. During the reverse movement, the arm fully extends so that the maximum width is utilised.

Another disadvantage that arises with large widths is the force required for operation. This is also an undesirable consequence of ever-increasing dimensions.
However, Haagh Protection has now made an important improvement in this respect: by integrating gas springs, the operation of the gate has been improved to such an extent that it is now lighter and technically 100 % sound.

It is also possible to deliver custom made solutions in difficult situations, for example when doors are turning inwards, like in the pictures.








For more information please contact Haagh Protection: tel. +31 (0)-161-226559 or info@haagh-protection.com.

More information can also be found at: www.variogate.com and www.safetypalletgate.com.


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