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Accidents in the workplace and outside on location are unfortunately an everyday occurrence. One third of all accidents at companies and public authorities in the Netherlands is caused by someone slipping, tripping or falling.

This leads not only to personal injury, but also to high costs. Poor lighting, cracked or uneven surfaces, the presence of water, oils or fats increase the risk of personal injury.

Haagh Protection provides high-quality antislip solutions to help prevent people from slipping or falling. Vigil anti slip elements are supplied with a robust anti slip layer, as well as different kinds of anti slip tapes and coating. All of our products meet the highest quality standards and have already proven themselves in extreme conditions.

Selection guide Vigil antislip

Haagh Protection has developed a selection guide to help you choose the right product to meet your particular needs. Completing these questions about the surface, gradation, and measurements will assist you to find the optimal solution for your situation.

Should your situation be very different to the solutions offered in the selection guide, we can arrange an appointment (with no obligations) so that we can meet your individual requirements. Click on the selection guide to find the right product of your choice!

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Assortment of antislip materials: