Vigil Antislip Stairnosing custom size (*80*20mm) Commercial Black

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450x80x20 602 205 010
600x80x20 602 210 010
750x80x20 602 215 010
900x80x20 602 220 010
1200x80x20 602 225 010

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Applying renowned brand Vigil Anti-slip stair nosings (stair nose) to risky areas avoids the problem of slippery stairs and steps. Good chemical resistance and easy to clean. The most durable product available today with a 10-year guarantee.

Available in 3 gradations: Offshore – Industrial – Commercial

This product comes standard in the color (warning) yellow, but other colors are also possible. The base of the element has been hot-dip galvanized steel which is coated in order to protect it against the weather. However, the elements can also be made in stainless steel or aluminum.

In addition, there is the possibility to provide the element with text and / or symbols in a luminescent form.