Goodflooring Anti-slip tape

Haagh Protection offers a variety of anti-slip tape.

A top quality product that can compete easily with all leading brands.

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Anti-slip tape from Haagh Protection is especially suitable for situations that require grip wherein the substrate is not significantly overloaded. This includes offices, home use, hotels and sanitary applications.

The anti-slip layer is formed of aluminum oxide. This retains its hardness and rigidity; this in contrast to the much-used plastics granules as an anti-skid additive, which is by the use ‘polished’ and therefore loses its skid resistance. It is easy to apply on flat surfaces thanks to unilaterally applied adhesives. It is also cutted easily to size, extremely flexible and easy to customize.

Available in rolls and as stamped product in several widths, sizes, colors.

In addition, it is suitable to use in extremely cold environments (-30) and it can be supplied as tailor-made on demand, too. There is even an anti-slip tape available for surfaces with relief.

For Intensive use: Extra strong product for home situations where just that little extra is needed, outdoor use or for industrial applications.

Simply said: This product avoids injuries caused by slips, trips and fall with our easy applicable Good Flooring anti-slip tape (ISO9000: 2000 – certified ISO14000)!