Fiberglass antislip decking strips


Surfaces of wood respond to the weather and the environment. Under the influence of weather conditions such as rain, snow, hail and/ or dirt decking can be slippery. This creates a dangerous situation with an increased risk of falls. Fiberglass Anti-slip Decking Strips are non-slip decking strips to apply on wooden surfaces, to ensure that they are less slippery.

Fiberglass Antilsip Decking Strips are made of fiberglass-reinforced polyester containing a non-slip layer grain structure. These deck strips can be easily installed on wooden surfaces such as wooden decks, hardwood panels, scaffolding, stairs, platforms, galleries, walking decks, ramps, gangways or on a wooden bridge. Anti-slip decking strips applying the solution to prevent slip, slip and falls, for example planking.

Fiberglass Anti-slip Decking Strips are available in brown and black, and can optionally be supplied with pre-drilled holes. Soon, several sizes are to be available.

For customized antislip sheets or large numbers, kindly get in touch with Haagh Protection BV via or +31 (0) 161-226559






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