Available in Standard Widths, suitable for 1.60m high palletsAvailable in Standard Widths, suitable for 1.60m high pallets

VARIOGATE Safety Cantilever gate Vario 10

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Safety Cantilever gate VARIOGATE® 10

A VARIOGATE® safety gate / cantilever type gate: the moveable part of the safety gate lifts goods up-and-over.  Suitable for a maximum load / pallet height of 1600mm and a maximum load / pallet depth of 1400 mm.

By negligence, carelessness or hastiness people often forget to close gates, doors or chains (etc.), with all the dangerous consequences. Safety Cantilever gates offer the only good and safe shielding for plug points in floors.

The Safety Cantilever gate is a device that is intended to protect people who are in the vicinity of plug points in floors. It also prevents that goods fall down and cause physical injury or damage to people or goods on the ground floor.

If your situation differs too much, we can offer a customized solution for which we offer to schedule a non-committal appointment for you.


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Weight 100 kg
Dimensions N/A
Width safety gate

1600mm, 2000mm, 2400mm, 3000mm