Vigil Antislip Metal Deck Industrial Yellow

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400 x 200 604.405.000
600 x 200 604.410.000
750 x 200 604.415.000
900 x 200 604.420.000
1200 x 200 604.425.000
450 x 600 604.455.000
600 x 600 604.460.000
750 x 600 604.465.000
900 x 600 604.470.000
1200 x 600 604.475.000

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Metal deck anti-slip element are applied to flat or sloping surfaces and used to eliminate the danger of falling or slipping due to the weather conditions. It has a good resistance to chemicals, high resistance to mechanical wear and easy to clean. Resilience underpinned with a 10-year guarantee.

Available in 3 gradations: Offshore – Industrial – Commercial

This product comes standard in the color (warning) yellow, but other colors are also possible. The base of the element has been hot-dip galvanized steel which is coated in order to protect it against the weather. However, the elements can also be made in stainless steel or aluminum.

In addition, there is the possibility to provide the element with text and / or symbols in a luminescent form.