Xenx Grip Antislip coating

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* Safe and nontoxic.
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* Easy to apply.

* Package complety with tape, cleaner, rollers and othe materials for application




Every year thousands of people slipping or falling – young and old – in the bathroom, in the shower or on other smooth surfaces are getting several injuries because of thes.

With GriP AntiSlip this is all in the past.

Xenz Betergrip anti-slip coating is a transparent 2-component polyurethane, water-based anti-slip coating that is applied in existing baths, shower trays and floors.
The adhesion of Xenz anti-slip on all tile floors is very good. It is also excellent in sheet steel, acrylic bathtubs and shower trays. The application of Xenz is possible on many surfaces as long as they are non-porous, clean and grease-free. The standard packaging is good for about one and a half square metres of non-slip.

Instructions for use Xenz:

Carefully clean the substrate with water and then dry it thoroughly.

Pour the degreaser into a glass bowl and place the supplied white tablet in it.
The tablet then turns into a cloth.
Take the cloth out of the degreaser and clean the surface with it.
Then dry it thoroughly with a piece of kitchen roll or the like.

With the supplied adhesive tape you can now tape the surface to be applied.

Now take the accompanying bottle (comp. 1) and brown bottle (comp. 2).
Open the jar and empty the brown bottle (com 2) into the can.
Then stir everything very well (1 minute) with the supplied wooden stirrer.

Pour the mixture into the paint tray provided and apply the anti-slip coating evenly to the surface using the roll provided (point 3).

Finally, remove the tape and let it dry for at least 24 hours. After 24 hours the surface can be used again.

Properties of Xenz safety coating:
A non-slip coating normally has the property of attracting dirt and bacteria. Due to the structure of the surface, Xenz BeterGrip anti-slip has the unique property that dirt and bacteria have no chance to adhere.

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