Slip Free Anti slip

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Slip Free:

* Safe and nontoxic.
* It is fast, the surfaces may be used directly !
* Anti -slip, liquid, colorless and paint free.
* Clean: it leaves no chemical residue.


Prevent accidents due to falls or slips!

Slip Free ® is the appropriate response to the risk of slipping. Slip Free ® greatly reduces the risk of accidents on slippery surfaces.
Slipfree® provides anti-slip solutions to most mineral floor surfaces. Due to its properties in increasing the friction coefficient it is the best protection against slipping recognized on stone floors.

No other product as efficiently eliminates the risk of slippery floors in bathrooms, in swimming pools , sauna’s , on stairs and ramps and in baths and showers. Protect yourself , your family, employees, guests , customers and friends from slipping in your home, your business or (sports) accommodation.

What is Slipfree®?
Slip Free ® is a chemical formula that changes the molecular structure of mineral surfaces . It is not a paint or varnish .
Slip Free is your best answer for slippery (stone) floors. If water or other liquid comes into contact with the treated area this creates a suction effect , and is always 100% slipfree . Slip Free ® is not just an ordinary product, it is completely invisible for the eye!

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